The Palestine Problem: 1917-1947

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Destruction of Palestinian villages and cities

Palestinian Refugee Displacement from Ramle in 1948 Red Cross Photo

Map showing the massive destruction of Palestinian villages and cities. Read the Rest…

United Nations: The Origins And Evolution Of The Palestine Problem, 1917-1947


This online booklet has been DIRECTLY EXTRACTED from the United Nations’ website, however, we have REFORMATTED and LINKED its contents to make it easier to browse.

  • Introduction
  • I. The Beginnings Of The Palestine Issue
  • II. The Balfour Declaration
  • III. The League Of Nations Mandates
  • IV. Palestine Mandated
  • V. Mandated Palestine: The “Jewish National Home”
  • VI. Mandated Palestine – Palestinian Resistance
  • VII. Mandated Palestine: The Partition Plans
  • VIII. Palestine And The League Of Nations
  • IX. The Ending Of The Mandate Read the Rest…