Children of Ayn Arik


Children of Ayn Arik

The children of the village of Ayn Arik aspirations and hopes

Author: Atallah Shaheen

The number of children in the village of Ayn Arik, West of Ramallah about 500 children or 30 percent of the total population in the village of 1707 inhabitants.

Studying children in three schools and UNRWA schools, Latinos of the Latin Patriarchate school, which was established two years ago, the schools mixed girls and boys, as well as custody of children. The village of Ayn Arik is surrounded by settlements, and this led to the absence of friction between the children and the settlers, but some children exposed to the arrests in the past, but the village children love peace and have great aspirations and hopes to see their nice and clean.

Cause quietly village a main street that bisected the village from the middle and exposes children to the risk of speeding, speeding by drivers, and have been run over many of the children in the village in previous years as a result of the extra speed. To find an alternative street away from the middle of the village to avoid the danger that lurks for young children, a busy street with cars.


Despite the small village only has a swimming pool for the children on summer vacation, and every year the village Council is organizing a summer camp for kids entertainment in addition to a destination Club kids to play football, basketball and other games.

The Club volunteer work campaigns where the children involved to get them to pay attention to their village to keep clean and beautiful. Aspiring children that their village tourist village to a Valley full of trees, where many of them enjoy under these trees and sometimes goes to study in nature that give them the pleasure of reading, especially in warm climates.


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